Leeds Big Bookend Festival and New Book!

I’ll be Chris Nickson’s guest at The Big Bookend Festival in Leeds, 6th June at 2pm, Central Library. My first event for the new book, ‘Reliability of Rope’


Armley Press’ John Lake says he picked Sam’s book to publish because: This intriguingly titled psychological thriller opens with a young woman gatecrashing a funeral on an invitation sent to the wrong person. Why she does this and her connection to the other mourners gradually generates a tale of skeletons in the family closet and discloses a network of people complicit in each other’s guilt. The lower-middle-class gentility of Lyme Regis makes an appositely deceptive backdrop for a tale that gets darker as it gets more complex. Ultimately, what I love about this book is the scope of the journey, from a moment of almost idle curiosity to a string of dramatic payoffs, each more satisfying than the last, keeping the reader in suspense till the final page. A fine achievement.


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