Leeds Big Bookend Festival and New Book!

I’ll be Chris Nickson’s guest at The Big Bookend Festival in Leeds, 6th June at 2pm, Central Library. My first event for the new book, ‘Reliability of Rope’


Armley Press’ John Lake says he picked Sam’s book to publish because: This intriguingly titled psychological thriller opens with a young woman gatecrashing a funeral on an invitation sent to the wrong person. Why she does this and her connection to the other mourners gradually generates a tale of skeletons in the family closet and discloses a network of people complicit in each other’s guilt. The lower-middle-class gentility of Lyme Regis makes an appositely deceptive backdrop for a tale that gets darker as it gets more complex. Ultimately, what I love about this book is the scope of the journey, from a moment of almost idle curiosity to a string of dramatic payoffs, each more satisfying than the last, keeping the reader in suspense till the final page. A fine achievement.


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New Photos

This gallery contains 12 photos.

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Dreamers at Chapfest 2015

My chapbook, Dreamers, will be exhibited and sold in New York next Thursday, 2nd April, at the chapbook festival. While it’s happening over there, I’ll be doing a Q&A and chat right here, 12-1 which is 4-5 here in the UK. Come over and ask me stuff :-)

Facebook Chat for Dreamers

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Spring Events

I’ll be doing the first ever Skype appearance at The Retford Bookshop’s monthly Bookchat on 19th February at 2.30. The bookshop, Bookworm, runs a Bookchat in store each month, and for the first time I will be joining in via Skype.

I’ll also be joining Bookworm at The Clumber Hotel in May for a literary lunch, tickets will include a two course meal and lots of book talk, but more about that nearer the time :-)

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I’ll be at The Eastwood and Expo Book Bonanza on 21st September, 11.00 till 5.00. This is the first event to be held in support of Eastwood, the birthplace of D H Lawrence, as a book town. The event will be held at Beauvale Priory, near Nottingham. More info at


I’ll also be at The Ryedale Book Fair again this year. This is Ryedale’s second year at The Milton Rooms, Malton, North Yorkshire. It was a great event last year so I’m looking forward to doing it all again this year. The event will take place on 19th October, 9.00 till 3.00. More info at


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Photos of Finkle Streets wanted!

There are Finkle Streets all over the north of England. Finkle is a Viking word for elbow or bend, and each Finkle Street should be shaped like an elbow. I have photos of the street signs in Kendal, York and Malton, but there are loads more. So, if you find yourself on a Finkle Street, snap it, send it to me over the summer and win stuff…. Stuff like this below…

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Spring News

Just a couple of new things confirmed at the moment.

My short story, The Handprint Child, will be published in the Spring edition of The Binnacle, which should be out by the end of the month. The Binnacle is The University of Maine at Machias’s Literary & Arts Journal, published twice a year, available as a print copy from The University, or Kindle edition from Amazon.

Also, I’ll be at The Eastwood Booktown Book Bonanza, being held at Beauvale Priory near Nottingham this year. It’s not until 21st September, so I’ll have more to say about that nearer the time, but it looks like a fantastic location and I’m really looking forward to being there.

More soon x

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World Book Night 2013


Had a great day at the World Book Night events,

talked a lot, gave away some books and met some

lovely people.


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World Book Night

I’ll be taking part in a World Book Night event, 2.00pm at Sharrow Community Forum, South View Road, Sheffield, S7 1DB, reading from Finkle Street and handing out free books.

Earlier in the day I’ll be interviewed on Radio Sheffield about the event. :-)

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Audio Short Stories

Very pleased to announce that 2 of my short stories are available as MP3 downloads on Amazon, Google Play and I Tunes. These two short stories, From Behind Glass and Number 1 Hilltop, have previously been prize winners in The Pages Competition, The West Coast Eisteddfod Competition and published in The Binnacle. They are now both available as downloads, narrated by Tracey Coleman and recorded by Tom Chester at Blank Tape Studios.

Amazon -Amazon

Google Play – GooglePlay

I Tunes – ITunes




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