Nov 10th 2018 – The Best of Bolton, The Lecture Theatre 2pm. My short, Evergreen, will                                     be performed.

Nov 10th 2018 – Ripon Library, 11am. Coffee and cakes with the authors.

Nov 8th 2018 – The Bookworms of Harrogate, Starlings Coffee House, 7pm. I’ll be guest                                   author, discussing the book group’s book of the month, A Bad Winter

Oct 20th 2018 – Harrogate Library, 2pm, author panel discussion ‘Pantser or Plotter’

Oct 9th 2018 – Holmes Chapel Library Book Group, 2pm. I’ll be guest author as part of                                   Libraries Week

Sep 15th 2018 – The Stannington Story Festival, Sheffield, 2pm